Yummy Cupcake!

Hi! I'm Alison, The Cupcake Fairy. I started my business at the urging of friends and family to broaden my audience after years of bringing desserts to gatherings.

Starting in middle school, I made so many cakes that my family couldn't eat them fast enough, and the families I babysat for became the beneficiaries. I'm pretty sure a few families had me as their regular sitter because of the the cakes!

Fast forward — after 14 years in software development and a baby girl, I decided to make a change and do something I truly enjoy!

The Cupcake Fairy is a small operation and the items are all custom made to order. To keep it fun, and the products fresh and creative, I only take a limited number of events per week. It never hurts to book early!

For more information, or to allow The Cupcake Fairy to take care of your baking needs, you can contact me at:


I do my best to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.